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Telling a Better Patient Story

ICD-10 is Coming Soon...

It's been a long time coming, and we've experienced another delay, but every indication is that the implementation of ICD-10 will occur on October 1, 2015.   Preparation should already be underway, but studies are showing that many practices and organizations are behind in their work.  The good news is that it's not too late to plan the systemic changes and educate the providers and staff regarding the new code set.  RMACI is especially suited to serve OB/GYN and OB/GYN subspecialities in the preparation that is unique to the practice of women's health.  Click here to learn more about how RMACI can help you in getting ready for this change in an effective, but cost-effective way.

RMACI's Services

Brad Hart, President of Reproductive Medicine Administrative Consulting has been a consultant to OB/GYN  and OB/GYN subspecialty practices for eight years and has served as a faculty member of the renowned ACOG Coding Workshops since 2008.  A popular speaker at the American Academy of Professional Coder's National Conference, he provides some of the following services.

   --On-site Coding Education

   --Chart Audit/Documentation Evaluation

   --Revenue Cycle Analysis and Consulting

   --And much more...


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Coding is About Telling a Better Story

Many people see coding as a burdensome task that one has to do in order to receive payment from third party payers.  If you look at it that way, it's not very interesting.  However, what if you look at coding as telling the patient's story?  Explaining the "who-what-where-when-how-why" in the most detailed and accurate way possible?


If we see coding as telling a better story, then our coding will be more accurate and more ethically appropriate.  To learn more about this key part of RMACI's philosophy, click here.